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Woodcrafters all express gratitude to the CCC Board, Administration and Community for providing a Woodworking Facility these past two and a half years. We are so grateful to the many people who donate tools and recyclable wood products, as well as aluminum products. With 30+ dues paying members, we are cramped for work and storage space. We anticipate with joy the possibility of expanding our facility .

Woodcrafters are glad to assist our community with minor repair or construction projects (eg chairs, signs, toys, shelves ramps, etc.) Note the T-box markers and the cart path signs on the golf course, as well as bulletin boards and a storage cabinet at the Clubhouse. We do not charge for services, but we gladly accept donations for our club. Each member of the club brings with them talents in various areas of wood crafting. One of the beauties of the Club is how a new talent can be developed with in-club tutoring, and the results are amazing.

Woodworkers also crush and recycle aluminum products and aluminum cans. Thank you for bringing them to the maintainance gate near Woodcrafters’ shop. Revenue from aluminum keeps our blades sharp and provides much needed supplies.

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