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The components of a successful golf game.

With over 30 years of golf instructional experience, Stephen Wresh has worked with a wide diversity of players including juniors, seniors, and individuals with physical limitations. This diversity has led to an instructional philosophy that believes that one golf swing will not work for every golfer. Students are treated as individuals and an instructional program is developed for each individual based on their skills, goals and physical abilities. Even the basic fundamentals including grip, stance, posture and alignment can be modified to take advantage of every individual’s strengths, improving performance and making the game of golf more enjoyable. Students are educated on the mental aspects of the game and a proper Golf Club Evaluation will be performed for every student.

At the Stephen Wresh Golf Academy we look forward to working with you to make the game of golf simple and more enjoyable.
As Master Club FitterTM Stephen has been ranked by Henry Griffitts as the Top Teacher/Fitter in the country for the past seven years. His dedication and professionalism to his students in the areas of golf instruction and clubfitting earned him the Randy Henry Award in 2003 and the Jim Griffitts Award in 2007.
Stephen has developed a Teaching & Clubfitting program that has been incorporated at multiple facilities around the country and has been a guest speaker at numerous golf instructional and clubfitting seminars, teaching golf professionals from around the country and the world.

I’ve had 9 back surgeries and 9 fused areas in my back and neck. Before I met Steve I couldn’t hit my driver 100 yards. After 2-months with Steve I can now play competitively in The Villages. John Sette; The Villages

Steve has the unique ability to quickly diagnose and assess a golfer’s problems and abilities. He inspires confidence. Now we smile and think, “We can play golf”. Let’s go.
Joyce and Leonard Decker; The Villages
Steve is such a patient teacher. He teaches so you understand what he is trying to teach you. After seeing my improvement my husband decided he needed to take lessons from Steve.
Sara Lovarco; Wildwood, FL
When we came to Continental neither of us had ever touched a club. He has unlimited patience and an ability to teach newcomers. Because of Steve’s positive influence we are now lovers of the game of golf. J.O. and Fran Hurley; Continental Country Club
Steve’s method of teaching was to not completely redo our swings but to improve on the game we had. Olivia has moved from the front to the middle tees and is playing and enjoying golf even more.

Roger and Olivia Ringle; Summerfield

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