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Veterans Corner


Sue Horsman

Hi, I am Susan Horsman, the new Commander of the Veteran’s Association here at CCC.

Meetings are held once a month, the third Monday of the month at 10:45 am in the Magnolia room. All Veterans from CCC are welcome to come, Males and females alike.

We officially do Memorial Day and Veterans Day here at CCC. We handle services for families of veterans of CCC that request us.

We do need Honor Guard members, those women who would like to carry a flag at our services. We provide the uniform shirt/blouse and cap. This is for all women who hold a special memory in there heart for service men and women who currently serve, have served or who passed on. Randy S runs the weapon (gun) volleys at each of services. He always needs new members. Join us and volunteer for the many jobs open.

We are responsible for the official Flags at CCC, lowering, raising and up-keep of these flags.

March27th is the Hot Dog fundraiser from 4:00 pm until? It is open to CCC residents and anyone who wants to help out.

The Reverse raffle will be held on March 9th 4-6 in the Magnolia room. If you would like to purchase tickets see Billy Schools or Russell Tipton or any member of the Veteran’s Association of Continental Country Club.

If you are a Veteran come join us.

Susan Horsman, Commander

Thanks to Volunteers & Residents supporting CCC Vets again October 25  2023


Continental Veterans properly disposing American Flags April 2023


March 2023 Hot Dog Fundraiser Slideshow.  Click side arrows to select images

Making our March 2023 meeting both productive and enjoyable with the help of lunch provided by Mission BBQ.


August,  2023

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer…finding ways to stay cool if you remained at CCC with the summer’s blistering heat…or if you’re up north, like I am, enjoying sending “cool” weather updates to our friends in the south…rubbing it in (smile). As for Veteran news, there is not much to report on for this month of August. Our CCC Veterans Association does not meet during the summer, but we have been here for the proper disposal of over a hundred US flags on Flag Day and we have installed a couple more flag poles for our residents. We will resume our regular monthly meeting on September 18th.

Lastly, I’m sad to say Steve Newton, a Navy Veteran passed away at the age of 79 on July 1st. Steve was very interested and involved in crafts, bridge, and billiards and a Buffalo Bills fan. He was also an active member on our CCC Long Term Planning Committee as well as the Veteran’s Honor Guard. Our CCC Veterans Association has reached out to Steve’s family offering a memorial service in the Fall, please watch for details to follow. Rest in peace Steve.

Our History Lesson for August

We have two military birthdays in the Month of August: Aug. 4th is the US Coast Guard’s birthday and Aug. 29th is the Marine Corps Reserves birthday.

Having been established on August 4th, 1790, the Coast Guard Reserve will be 232 years old this year. Their motto is “Semper Paratus” …meaning Always Ready.

The beginning of the Marine Corps Reserve dates back to August 29th, 1916, when U.S. involvement in WW I appeared to be more likely President Woodrow Wilson signed the Naval Appropriations Act of 1916, which established the Marine Corps Reserve.

For God and Country

Larry Woodward


CCC Veterans Association plaque appreciating MISSION BBQ. Photo c/o Michael Murphy


In the Restaurant there’s a hall between the dining room and the lounge. In the corner is The Continental Veterans POW table in memory of those who were/are prisoners of war.
Please read the following which will explain exactly what the table represents