Continental Before CCCRO


The Campground Period Lasted Only A Few Years.
Financial Problems Quickly Appeared.

The Community Was Sold And Rezoned For Manufactured Homes.
Financial Problems Continued Until The Residents Finally Purchased Continental.

The Period Between Campgrounds And The Resident Purchase Of CCC 
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Heavy marketing

Free visits to Continental!!

A new day and a new manager, Donald Freeman, took over Continental and promised to fix everything. Once again, there was a name change to Continental Village and Country Club.

A glossy brochure showed pictures of Eden, including the famous yearly Hawaiian Luau; attractive residents at play; a lake free of weeds and a gorgeous golf course vista. It also showed an artist's conception of a new 15,000 square foot community building, “soon to be built.” It remains only a concept to this day.

Freeman Industries launched an elaborate campaign to attract northerners to Continental Seminars with free dinners, films and lectures held in selected cities: brochures and ads were widely distributed. Free weekends were offered, which included airfare, transportation from the airport, free lodging in a model home, free golf and use of a golf cart and free meals in the restaurant. We who were enticed from the nasty-weather season up north were dazzled by the palm trees, lakes . . . and Disney; by the beauty of the park, and were impressed and surprised at how attractive manufactured homes can be. There was also a policy of low-key sales with no pressure. One selling point for use was the quality of the restaurant food. Who could resist a Sunday buffet with ice sculpture and champagne fountain?

In the second newspaper story, Marston wrote: “The $621,000 spent to fly in potential buyers in 1984 produced only $259,616 in income, and Tom testified William H. Woodall, company controller in a March bankruptcy court hearing in Orlando.”

Ref: Continental Ladies Club history 1994

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