Construction During the 80's

During the early 80's renewed construction began to the southern part of Phase 1 and to Phase 2.
The below collections (from the Burr and Foy Families) of material document much of that activity.

The Burr collection

Richard Temple Burr has shared many documents from the CCC development years. His dad and mom lived here, building their home starting in 1982. His father was basically the financial Director believed in some capacity for the Don Freeman group. They acquired quite a few campground, construction companies, equipment companies furniture companies etc. and his father would computerize their accounting etc. He was involved with all of the financials at that time.

Joyce (Berndsen) Foy Collection

Joyce's parents, Ebert and Francis Berndsen, chose to build their home at 48 Seminole Path.
They witnessed the build up of CCC and the region of Seminole Path and the Gazebo. Joyce shared the below photos with us.

This group of photos shows the local development in the early years. The majority of the homes in this portion of "phase one" were constructed in 1981 1982 1983. These photos are of the location near the intersection of Seminole Path, Rabbit Trail and the road to the Gazebo. Click on the photos for enlarged views.

CCC 1981 before houses built
Rabbit trail

Jan 1982 berndsen house 48 Seminole

48 Seminole path before houses

Nov 1981 Humphreys and berndsen trailer 46 Seminole

jan 1982 48 Seminole path

1981 Seminole path before homes

Jan 1981 berndsen house

Jan 1982 46 and 48 Seminole path


1982 From 48 Seminole Path looking at 50


1983 Looking down Seminole Path from Rabbit Trail

Development of the Gazebo region. Earth was transfered for fill for the construction of the homes on Big Oak Lane and Seminole path after the trees were removed for placing the houses

1983 pond construction

Back of lots 46 ,48, 50 Seminole Path

1983 pond development before gazebo

1985 looking across pond towards Seminole path


Back of lots 46 ,48, 50 Seminole Path

CCC Spring 1986

Gazebo march 1988



Lake okahumpka may 1985

Rosemary Terrell Collection

"John and Lois Terrell moved to 27 Magnolia Lane permanently in 1985 (Deed was signed Apr 29, 1983). They both loved playing golf and lived there until their health started to fail in 2006 and both had passed by 2008. They certainly loved their little retirement home and were very active and went on many cruises that were organized through CCC. As their niece by marriage, I know they would be very happy to see how CCC has maintained the beautiful "Old Florida" golf course here. We all can all be very proud!"
Rosemary Terrell